A Process of Excellence

Mas Fuertes vineyards are planted and treated with marvellous care in order to provide the best experience possible. The process of wine making at Mas Fuertes is improved over the years to establish an environment friendly, innovative and superior method of wine making. Every grape has been carefully processed from the moment it grows till the moment it reaches the bottle.  

An Exceptional Process

The process is just as important as the grape

The excellence of wine making at Mas Fuertes starts at the Estate, where the combination of the Mediterranean climate, handpicked grapes and careful process create a unique method of wine making. After the grapes are harvested by hand, they are selected at the selection table to be destemmed and stomped. The mix of skin, must and seeds are placed inside stainless steel tanks, where the alcoholic fermentation at 22 degrees Celsius takes place. Two daily pumpings are performed during the fermentation process to extract the aromas, colour and the tannins of the grape’s skin. 

After the fermentation and maceration process, the wine obtained is separated from the skin. The wine is left in stainless steel tanks for a natural clarification of the wine before placing it inside the oak barrels. The ageing takes place in French oak barrels with a capacity of 300 L and 225 L for a period of 0, 6 or 12 months. After the ageing, the wine is bottled in thick glass bottles.