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The Estate Mas Fuertes originally was used as a lookout post to spot enemies arriving from the Mediterranean Sea. Located high on the hills of Gavarres, it has an overwhelming 360 degree view over land and sea. Before the estate was transformed into the special Vineyard, it was a 200 years old ruin with only one wall standing and trees growing inside the old fallen place. 

Times changed when the Estate was transformed – in 2005 – into a beautiful and extraordinary place to start a Vineyard. The Vineyard started in 2008 with red varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah,  expanding the collections in later years with Grenache Blanc, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, and Petit Verdot. The Estate is divided into the old vineyard, containing the plants that started the vineyard in 2008, and the young vineyards, containing the newly added wine plants.

An Estate located in the La D’Empordà area in the Northeastern part of Spain. The beautiful color combination of green, blue and a touch of purple is seen all over the area. The culture of winemaking, the knowledge of the process and product originated from the 6th century BC. With great thanks to the important Greek colony in the country, the Empúries, who after centuries gave its name to the entire region: L’Empordà

The Mas Fuertes Vineyard is located on the Northern slopes of the Gavarres massifs and at the Southern end of the Empordanese plains. 

This beautiful area gave birth to a novel and unique vineyard with a special way of winemaking. 

The D’Empordà region and especially the estate is the perfect place for a wonderful diverse ecosystem.   

Mas Fuertes Vineyards is located in the Northeastern part of Spain. The estate is established in a Mediterranean climate with temperatures ranging from 0 to 35 degrees Celsius with an average of 15 degrees Celsius. The unique and wonderful location with astonishing far views emphasizes the atmosphere of the estate.

In this region two strong winds are typical, the well known Tramuntana, a northern wind, is the most dominant and characteristic of the two. His little brother, the Llebeig, a south western wind, is not as intense but it sure is as distinctive as the Tramuntana. Both can contain wind speeds of above the 100 km/h.

The rainfall in the area is characterised by its irregular distribution, corresponding to the Mediterranean climate. The most significant quantities of rain fall in the eastern regions and late in the year. 

Mas Fuertes offers wine tastings and guided tours at our estate.

The Winery receives guests by appointment only.